It is here by this Membership Agreement is beign organized the membership rules, conditions of site and conditions of member benefit from and registration to the site is not possible before this contract is accepted. It must be read carefully since you will have to comply and agree the site usage rules below mentioned with Membership Agreement.

1. Definitions

Site: Web site broadcasting from web address.
Member: Real person or legal entity who has been filled the "Register" form and have completed

membership process by pressing the button that means I agree to the Membership Agreement. Profile: All information about members, documents, videos, photos, documents, etc. content which

is issued by itself in address.
User: Real person or legal entity who use and become a member or not of

web site.

2. Parties
a) The contract herein, MEDICOEXPO , Çağlar ERGÜL and İbrahim ÇELİKTEKİN who are the

owners and operators of the site
b) Internet user who is completed membership process

3. Scope and Subject of the Agreement

The subject of this contract is determination of the services offered on the site and benefit conditions from these services and the rights and obligations of the parties. The scope of this agreement are all declarations as warning, text and descriptions which are existing within site and fulfilled by MEDICOEXPO with this contract and its annexes related to usage, membership and services. "User" approve by accepting the terms of this agreement, any statements which are also described by MEDICOEXPO, located within site related to usage, membership and services. User accepts to declare and undertake acting in accordance with all aspects specified in mentioned statements.

4. Terms of Membership and Service Use

4.1 Membership is completed the registration process to be carried out from the relevant section by filling of membership form and given profiles and user information if desired service is paid service with payment of the fee and with the approval of the registration process by MEDICOEXPO. It hereby can’t have the "Member” right and authority before Membership process is completed.

4.2 To become a member of the site, should not be minor, should be authorized to represent and bind legal persons for member who is a legal person, should not be temporarily removed from membership under this contract or permanently banned from membership by MEDICOEXPO. The applications made by minors or applications made through unauthorized persons to represent and bind legal entity for member who is a legal person or as stated above the applications made by person who have been banned indefinitely from membership, temporarily removed from

membership or suspended membership by MEDICOEXPO under this contract even if the site registration process is completed, these are an obstacle to use the rights generated by membership.

4.3 It is hereby MEDICOEXPO may terminate this contract unilaterally any time and without any justification and without any notice and without any liability to pay compensation and as to enter into force immediately and may terminate the membership of "Member" or may terminate the membership of ‘’ Member’’ without cancel the contract or may suspend temporarily. It is hereby termination, suspension membership and stoppage of membership specified in this Article, will be administered with MEDICOEXPO’s own volition towards the assessment in case that completely contrary to this agreement, contrary to the rules of the site, the process of "Member" or emerging situation on the results of process that create a risk to be detected by MEDICOEXPO in accordance with MEDICOEXPO information security system or commercial decision of MEDICOEXPO or emerging situation creates a legal risk.

5. Right and Obligations of the Parties

5.1. Members accept and undertake that the information and content which is provided by them are correct and lawful. MEDICOEXPO cannot liable and responsible to research verification of information and content which are delivered to the site by members in the creation or modification of member profiles and installed, modified and provided by themselves ; to guarantee and undertake this information and content are secure and correct and it is hereby in accordance with the provisions of this agreement and the law and cannot be held responsible for any material and spiritual harm that may result such information and content being false or incorrect and / or routing to other Internet sites through this content.

5.2. Member cannot give the password generated to another person or organization, member's right to use mentioned password belongs to himself. No matter what reason in case learning the password by anybody, all liability that may arise, still belongs to the member himself.

5.3. Member agrees and undertakes initially to comply with legal regulations and does not to violate those when using internet site and the services provided by MEDICOEXPO. All kind of behavior and transactions which are aimed get slower seriously the system and become inoperative the site or to damage software and hardware systems, are prohibited. By using automated programs, too many queries or making membership registration or sending information or wide range of requests with automatic methods are included in this prohibition. has the right to initiate legal proceedings to the identified members are engaged in to block access to sites and connect the members for all civil and criminal liabilities arising completely and exclusively.

5.4. Member cannot use web site services in any way disturbing the public order, contrary to public morality, disturbing and harassing the others, for a purpose contrary to law across the country or at the international level, infringes on the intellectual and copyright rights of others, cannot make received the services available for the third parties, cannot subject to commercial activities as to the supply of rental or sale. Also, member cannot do activities (spam, viruses, Trojan horse, etc...) and processes that are preventive or impede for using services of others.

5.5. On internet site, the declared, post, used ideas and thoughts by members are their own personal views and the opinion binds the owner. These opinions and thoughts have no concern and connection with MEDICOEXPO. Not to provide specific information about themselves and others is the responsibility of the members. MEDICOEXPO has no liability due to member's ideas and opinions and services of third parties may suffer damages that may be incurred by third parties during the use of the customer for any damage arising from acts and actions.

5.6. MEDICOEXPO shall not be liable upon reading the data of members by unauthorized persons and about the potential damage to the software and data of members. Member has been agreed in advance not to demand compensation from MEDICOEXPO that may be incurred since any damage due to the use of the web site and portal services.

5.7. Member accepts not to reach the internet user’s software and data and accept not to use those without authorization. Otherwise civil and criminal liability that will arise, is completely belongs to member.

5.8. It is hereby member who violates one or more article listed in the membership agreement, is personally responsible for the criminal and juridical and member shall not hold liable the MEDICOEXPO from juridical and criminal consequences of these violations. Also because of this violation, If the event will be devolved to the field of law, MEDICOEXPO reserved the right to claim compensation against the member due to non-compliance with membership agreement.

5.9. MEDICOEXPO always has the right unilaterally to delete the member's membership and to delete customer’s documents, information, and file if that is necessary. It is hereby member accept this disposition in advance. In this case, there is not any responsibility of the MEDICOEXPO.

5.10. Correctness, completeness, adequacy and actuality of all kinds of information which are located in internet site, are not guaranteed and committed by MEDICOEXPO in no case. User can’t claim information’s incorrectness contained on the web site and / or portal services and damages based on this information in no way. MEDICOEXPO always can modify, edit and / or remove such information and / or portal services without prior notice and / or warning in no way. MEDICOEXPO has taken all necessary precautions to be accurate of website and portal services. However no guarantee is given for related errors that may occur or existed on site.

5.11. Regardless of the name under which, MEDICOEXPO managers, employees, users who prepares the information contained in this website and / or portal services, cannot be held responsible from this about internet site access from the site, The information contained on this website and / or portal services, either directly or indirectly arising from the use of the direct and / or indirect financial and / or non-pecuniary negative and / or positive issues, for any losses in a short.

5.12. All the materials and documents, that are located in internet site, are included these but not limited with those, are the property of MEDICOEXPO, the copyright of this material and documents and / or other intellectual property rights are protected by applicable law, these materials and documents cannot be used without permission by member, cannot be acquired and changed. The other companies and products mentioned on this website are trademarks of their respective owners, and are also protected under intellectual property rights. The copyright and / or

other intellectual property rights that are Uploaded photos, videos, information, documents and all other documents by member should belong to him. If not, you need to have approval for the publication of the author. Failure in this respect, member will be responsible for damages arising. MEDICOEXPO is not responsible for content uploaded for checking; thus, it cannot be any responsible from damages held.

5.13. All the materials and documents that are located in internet site cannot be changed by member in no way, changed, replicated or republished.

5.14. By MEDICOEXPO, some information may be collected as used the internet service provider's name and Internet Protocol (IP) address in order to develop and / or to access the site within the legal framework, date and time during website accessed, pages accessed in website and web address of sites that directly allows to connect web site for improvement of internet site.

5.15. MEDICOEXPO can use members’ personal information to for the specific preferences and interests of the user studies, to provide better service to its users, to improve their products and services, to facilitate the use of site. While members get the portal services, MEDICOEXPO reserves the right of record of members possession in web has the rights to collect information about the site's members and use this information in advertising and content system with the help of various technological tools are not against the law. Medicoexpo uses cookie to create these records.

5.16. MEDICOEXPO may explain member's personal information when requested as a legal requirement or;

a) to comply with legal requirements or to comply with legal process served on site to MEDICOEXPO or

b) while it is believed that that is necessary in cases heartily to protect and defend the rights or property of MEDICOEXPO and web site family.

c) to determine the user profile to be used on and MEDICOEXPO’s own site.

d)in case of development products and services that requested by member from and MEDICOEXPO, provide services and tools available to you in order to eliminate the problems associated with and use in the provision of such products and services to the firms that user work together (his cooperation) while providing products and services to the user

5.17. The measure has been taken within the resources available to be eliminated from viruses and other malicious software of of the website. Furthermore, in order to provide ultimate security, the user has to supply his own anti-virus system and provide the necessary protection. In this instance, upon member’s entry to www.medicoexpo.xom web site, member agrees that he is responsible of whole errors occurred in software and operating system and their direct or indirect consequences. The information collected in web site and MEDICOEXPO is stored in a secure medium that is not public domain. MEDICOEXPO uses all kinds of industry standards to protect the information in platform. Despite this, however, it cannot guarantee the security related issues.

5.18. MEDICOEXPO reserves the rights to change content of site any time, change any of the services provided to users or to terminate and / or delete user information and data on web site.

5.19.MEDICOEXPO can change, update or cancel the terms of the membership agreement in no case prior notice and / or without warning. The changed, modified or repealed each provision will inure on the date of publication for all members.

5.20. The parties agrees and acknowledges all computer records of MEDICOEXPO as only and real exclusive evidence and mentioned records constituted as an evidence contract.

6.Force Majeure

In all cases judicially considered force majeure, MEDICO EXPO is not liable due to perform late or incomplete or not to perform any act specified in this agreement. This and other similar situations not to be considered as delay, to perform missing or not to perform or default or compensation cannot be claimed for those situations from MEDICO EXPO under any name. The force majeure term; natural disasters, rebellion, wars, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, system-related improvements or refurbishment work and including therefore may occur failures, power outages and bad weather conditions but are not limited and they will be interpreted as unavoidable events which could not be prevented in spite of MEDICO EXPO taken necessary care, outside the reasonable control of related parties.

7. Termination of Contract

This agreement shall remain in force until termination membership of the member or cancellation of membership by MEDICOEXPO. MEDICOEXPO may terminate the contract unilaterally by canceling the member's membership in case of member’s violates any provision of the membership agreement. MEDICOEXPO reserves the right to cancel of membership without any justification.

8. Applicable Law and Authorization

It is hereby Turkey Law shall apply in the implementation of this agreement and interpretation and management of legal relations arisen within this contract. Izmir Courts and the Executive Office is authorized If any dispute that may arise or carried out because of this agreement.

11.6. Validity

In this contract, this agreement is entered into force by mutually agreed with the consent of “Member” electronically.