About Us

To attend a medical exhibition, to promote your products and your company, to see new firms or products, want to establish new business contacts is very natural for a company. But is it really necessary to wait several months for this, or spending huge amounth of cash ?

Medicoexpo.com appeared while looking answers to these questions.

Ibrahim Çeliktekin from the health sector, he realized that there was not a continuous network between companies who operating in the medical business. They started to think about fixing these missing points with Çağlar Ergül from the Software business, and in 2014 they established a professional team. After intensive and rigorous studies, they created the Medicoexpo. Creators of the Medicoexpo.com aware that, they full filled a huge gap in this industry but they are also known that, there are lots of things to be done. And on that way they are still continuing to find solutions the needs of the industry by making the necessary improvements.